Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh, the Memories

Sigijor, Philippines
Mr. Mig and I were reminiscing the other day about our travels.  It always makes us smile and wish for another trip to the Philippines.  

It was actually a huge family trip for my youngest sister's wedding.  It was also the equivalent of a week-long Seinfeld episode which included family members, who shall remain nameless, wandering the Shanghai airport at night looking for toast, Grandma getting dreadlocks, vodka shots for the bride walking down the aisle, bugs attacking bridesmaids, cows in the basketball court, and boats exploding with fireworks. And that, my dears, is just a glimpse of the our petite souvenirs

On a cool evening this summer, we'll have to sit down and share a cold drink and tell you more about our unforgettable trip to Sigijor.  

I'll let Mr. Mig share his memory of the bachelor party with the drunk German. It's too good for you to miss.

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