Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy, busy...

Did you hear that? Summer just flew by.

I'm a bit embarrassed about the length of time since the last post. So, let's get up to speed:

The latest:

  1. Husband is on new diet and lost 30 lbs without spending time in a gym. And I'm not spending any extra time in kitchen. We love the 4-Hour Body diet.
  2. My sister got a surprising job offer here. So after spending 15 yrs on either the west coast or east coast, she has returned to the midwest. Yipee!
  3. I've started a new business and it's looking promising.
  4. Every weekend we enjoy waffles or pancakes for breakfast. Thanks to my rediscovered old cookbook.
  5. Many a-little family get-togethers. My darling husband is lucky I'm so normal.
  6. Daughter is starting to walk and expressing her will. It's hard negotiating with a 16mo. She always wins.
  7. I've got a little suntan. Quite a surprise if you knew me and knew my love of sunscreen.
Quel Summer 2011.

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