Monday, March 7, 2011

A Delightful Sqwish

In the world of baby toys, a person can easily get lost.  I even know of a women (who shall remain nameless, aahem...) who, 5 months pregnant, was brought to tears at the overwhelmingly huge amount of products at one of the large big-box baby stores.  Dabbing her eyes, she swiftly left the store bagless.


After spying this Sqwish in another little girl's toy box, I knew I was going to brave another store.
Manhattan Toys makes these elastic-connected parallel rods with sliding beads.  We bought ours at Land of Nod. About the size of a softball, it resembles more of a piece of artwork than a chew toy. The beads of this delightful wooden toy even make a very soothing sound as my little Mig shakes her pudgy hand.

I can't say that this is this is my daughter's favorite toy out of the toy boy, but it sure is mine. Go head, go to the store.

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