Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Italian Itch

That's the way it goes in our little household. Every 2 years we move. It's as reliable as the sunrise.

For years, we just moved within the neighborhoods of Chicago. With our wee one, we're outside city limits and eyeing country living next.

But I've got an itch. And it's driving Mr. McMig mad. I want to move to: Italy, France, Philippines, London, Argentina, Ireland... anyplace else.

Typically, my desired destination is influenced by the media: a news article, a movie, a magazine spread. I watch Charade with Ms. Hepburn and Mr. Grant, fantasies about Paris consume me for the day. Unfortunately, Europe is a long commute for his job.

My #1 place to move would be France. Oh la la, la France. But, since my dear husband has a preference for all things Italian, that's the button I'm currently pushing. How about Trieste, Italy:

We may be bound for country living, but a girl can still dream...

1 comment:

Heather said...

Yes yes, I have that Italian itch, too. And I have the same problem every time I watch Charade. Which I do, often. Tough one to scratch, that Italian itch.