Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Second Sunday Suppers

You know those favorite people in your life?  J&K are definitely those people: funny, charming, smart, welcoming, and humble.  They are wonderful individuals and a fantastic couple.  We love them so much that we actually called them up and invited ourselves over to their beautiful home for dinner.  I know, not exactly the Emily Post thing to do!  But we did secure an invitation:

In the time-honored tradition of our Grandmas, Moms, and numerous Aunts who could always seem to “feed the masses” on a moment’s notice; as a rekindling of many fond childhood neighborhood picnic memories; as motivation to keep experiencing the abundant joys of cooking; and as a perpetual monthly celebration of very special family and friends...
We present you with our
Second Sunday Suppers
11 am to 5pm. Food, music, conversation, and perhaps cards or dominoes too. Bring the kids – there’s a large City park directly across the street. Meals will be more traditional: family-style or picnic-style – and all food will be provided.
(Though homegrown produce or home-made preserves will rarely be refused) If you wish to drink something other than Iced Tea, Lemonade or Water, please BYO.
One of the host's pups napping with our wee one
Whether a large group or a small one, we’ll be grilling and baking regardless, but it’s always more fun doing it for those you care about. And a timely notification of your anticipated attendance is still requested. If less are able make it in any particular month, then that just leaves more for us to package and freeze for easy weekday lunches and dinners, or to ship off to Hospice.
If you are greater than the 20th guest to RSVP, or if you give less than 24 hours notice that you are coming, then there’s a remote chance that you might be asked to show up with a loaf of French bread, an extra head of lettuce, or something from the grocery deli – our choice!
Other than that, just mark your calendars and keep the dates in mind – especially if your weekend travels bring you within the vicinity of our home. The first three dates are:
July 11th --- August 8th --- September 12th
We plan to do everything possible to set every second Sunday aside – for Food, Fun, Family and Friends. In the event of a future date cancellation, notice will be given as early as possible. (For instance October 10th will not occur, due to an out-of-town wedding that weekend.)

So, Save the Dates, and We Hope to See You Soon!
J & K

Now can you understand why we couldn't resist going to their home??  They are delightful and everything is always delish!

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