Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lambrusco wine

I really enjoy drinking wine.  Who doesn't? My favorites are Cabs.  Full, fruity and delicious.  However, when summer comes around I always feel disappointed.  I just couldn't get behind any white wines except the occasional pinot grigio.  But then, a few years back at an Italian restaurant in Chicago, we were introduced to Lambrusco.

Wow!  It just sings SUMMER!  It's light, a little sparkly (say pétillant to impress your neighbors), and fruity.  And it tastes great with meaty Italian dishes and just about anything that comes off the grill.  It even comes with a champagne-style cork!  Just opening it heralds merriment.

Lambrusco isn't that easy to find. When you do discover a bottle, take it for a spin.  See what you think. We've discovered that Lambrusco is like gumbo.  Each bottle tastes a little different.  Some are better than others but all are enjoyable.

So, keep an eye out when you're out-and-about and fill your glass with a little bit of summer before it's Cab opening season.

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