Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breakfast with favorite people

A terrific lady and her sweetheart had us over for breakfast.  They made the frittata and we brought the orange juice and champagne.  Can't go wrong with mimosas.

Since my husband loves champagne and I was given the task of purchasing it, I was a little nervous.  So, off to the local Binny's I went.

Luckily, they are always really nice and helpful.  We looked at some cava, checked out some champagne, and decided upon some sparkling wine because it came with a good story.  And who doesn't like stories?

Gruet Winery.  She said they are a transplant from France.  The vine or the vintners, I asked.
It turns out, Le Famille Gruet was en vacances in New Mexico and saw that "the land was inexpensive and the opportunity golden". Et voila!  Their Gruet et Fils champagne brand is still produced in Bethon, France.

We had great company, great conversation, and great food and mimosas.  If you haven't gotten together with dear friends in a while you should.  You will be very welcomed with a bottle of Gruet and some OJ.  Cheers to you.

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