Friday, October 8, 2010

The Kitchen Helpers

Don't you feel like your days are in segments?  Or blocks of time?  Do a little work then get interrupted.  Pick something up and then put it down again to start something else?  Ah, c'est la vie, n'est pas?

But, at some point I always find myself in the kitchen.  One of my favorite places to be.  I don't know about you but I really enjoy cooking with company.  Stirring a bubbly pot, glass of red wine in hand, and catching up with my husband is the perfect ending to any day. Some days, however, it doesn't work out like that. But, I always have help in the kitchen.  Enter Dudley and Cricket.

Dudley has been a part of our pack for a little over a year now. He's going to be 12 years old in December.  He comes with some baggage.  A lot.  But, we are charmed by his cataract-y eyes and his little pink tongue that holds court on the right side of his nose.

We think he's seen some street time since he eats everything: animal, vegetable, mineral, and unidentifiable. Apparently, dust bunnies are tasty. 

It doesn't matter who's house he's in, if you enter the kitchen, Dudley will rise out of a deep slumber and trot in right behind you. He's always a willing taste-tester.
May I present to you, Cricket.  She's more of a lady.  Or as my husband calls her: HRP (her royal princess)

She's a bit more of a picky eater.  But, don't let the name fool you.  She may not eat everything, but she's willing to roll her cute self in some surprising substances.  She's been the pack leader for 8.5 years and will be turning 10 in November.

As far as kitchen help, she likes to be impressed.  She only makes an appearance in the cantina if called or if cheddar cheese is being sliced.

Whether it's sharing a glass of wine with my husband or cheese with my pups, it's always nice to have company in the kitchen when relaxing next to a simmering pot after a long, busy day.  Cheers to you and your helpers.

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