Monday, August 16, 2010

The Coat That Got Away

THE COAT and her creator, Christopher Bailey of Burberry
I don't have many shopping regrets.  The one's I do have are big ones.  In order to avoid mishaps, I have a 2-day rule.  If I think about an item for at least 2 days, I will go ahead a buy it.  My advice is sound.  How come I don't follow it?

The second I tried her on, I knew I should take her home.  It was fate.  She needed a home and we had one.  Even my Dear Dreamboat Husband said so.  I have so many, probably too many, winter coats.  I don't NEED to buy a new one.  I hesitated and put her back.  You see, logic had taken over.  

What does logic have to do with beauty anyway?

You see, the weather is cool today and autumn is right around the corner.  Followed soon by winter.  Her memory made an appearance.

I hope she found a good home and is receiving the love and care that is deserved.

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