Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grocery Shopping Therapy

I consider myself a late bloomer when it comes to cooking.  My sister Inga did all the cooking growing up.  I never considered it until I was well into college and very tired of eating spaghetti and Ragu (with mushrooms) or toast with cinnamon and sugar.

I decided to cut my teeth by cooking one meal a week for my 3 male roommates.  They were all for it.

It started out slowly.  The preparation and cooking would take me hours.  And for a poor college student, it would cost a pretty penny (especially since my roommates would eat everything and save nothing for me.  Thanks guys).  With each meal I cooked my anxiety would decrease a bit and confidence would grow.

I completely enjoy spending time in the kitchen now.  And my husband is very (very!) supportive of my culinary time.  Even grocery shopping is a pleasure.  When I've had a particularly bad day, my dreamy husband will ask me if I want to go to Michael's Fresh Market or Trader Joe's.  I can spend hours there and I always come out happy.

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