Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Surprise Visit

Some memories and experiences you try so hard to forget. Others will be your favorite. This is the latter.

My sister had a plan and movie-perfect timing.

Between her teaching, coaching and summer jobs, it's not often that Inga gets to travel back home from the east coast. She is the lone sister in D.C. while the rest of us are in the midwest. So, my heart was a little blue, as we caught up on the phone, when she said she wasn't going to make it back here this summer. I told her that I understood (even though I really didn't). And she still chatted away as I told her that I had to dash to make an appointment that was over an hours drive away. Being on time with my four month old wee one is a trying task! But she was in a talkative mood and our conversation was fun so I indulged myself with her stories. Then, she let me go and I dashed to wrap up and go. Dress - check! Heals - check! Makeup - check! Hair - check! Baby fed, clean, happy - check check!

As I open the door with baby in tow, around the corner walks Inga with a big smile on her face.

As I worried about making my appointment, Inga strategically chatted me up while driving 85 mph through Chicago.

It was a delightful weekend. She didn't tell a soul she was coming. Inga spent five days sleeping on our loveseat (apparently our company was worth her sacrifice). We kept her secret. On day 5 she surprised the rest of the family.

It was one of my most favorite memories. xoxoxo

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inga said...

Very nice, I love it. My trip home was the best one ever. Surprising you was awesome and one of the best memories I have. I will cherish it forever. LITA